The Guardian


I code for The Guardian. I was one of the 2021 software engineering fellowship intake and am currently part of a team redesigning the homepage. I’ve worked with Scala, TypeScript, React, and Amazon Web Services, amongst other things.

Things worked on during my time here include…


I was part of the ‘Basecamp’ team that got Guardian Feast - a cooking app built around the publication’s huge recipes library - off the ground. My responsibilities revolved around establishing a data model for Guardian recipes and developing a workflow for them to be structured and stored in a centralised database.

The app launched on iOS in March 2024.


An ongoing project is Galaxies (of the Guardian), an org chart that used D3 force directed graphs to represent Product & Engineering as a series of interconnected people, teams, and streams.

Galaxies of the Guardian

Although initially a side hustle Galaxies has been adopted as a go-to internal tool, expanding to cover other departments in the Guardian.


Spent a decent stint working on Ophan, the paper’s real-time, in-house content analytics tool.

1821 Mode

As part of the paper’s 200th birthday celebrations I and my fellow fellows made 1821 Mode, a hack day project that styled the website to look like the first edition of the Manchester Guardian.

1821 Mode

It spent a glorious week as an easter egg on the homepage and even got a shoutout from Margaret Atwood!