Frederick O'Brien

Distant, arrogant, otherwise perfect



Audioxide is a music webzine that I and two friends - André Dack and Andrew Bridge - have run since 2015. It was born out of a hobby. The three of us listen to an album over the course of a week then spending an evening talking about it. We’d round up with a little summary of our thoughts, up to three favourite tracks, and a score out of ten.

Over time we figured we may as well publish these summaries somewhere, and so Audioxide was born. Our core shtick remains listening to albums together and publishing our thoughts as reviews, though we also dabble in articles, interviews and other oddities. We have our lulls and purple patches, but the site’s still going strong.

We’ve reviewed more than 280 albums and counting. We get a few thousand visitors per month (these numbers also publicly viewable courtesy of GoatCounter). We even have the dubious honour of being treated as a legit source on Wikipedia.

One lovely - if rather bizarre - result of the site was seeing the made up track names from our gag review of Can I Borrow a Feeling? by Kirk Van Houten appear on an enourmous model cassette.

Can I Borrow a Feeling? cassette

The current iteration of the site we built ourselves using Vue. All our code is publicly viewable on GitHub.